About CMG Builders

CMG is a Commitment to Provide homes that you will be proud to own and live in. We take great care to see that standards and specifications are followed to prevent troubles in future. We try to ensure that your family enjoys comfort and health.

We at CMG give utmost importance to quality. It is in fact a way of life at our organisation. We strictly adhere to highest quality standards starting from planning, designing, to execution. We are strictly committed to serve our communities by contributing our time and financial resources, commit passionately to exceed our customer’s expectations and employ innovative strategies for business development. Our progress has been based on strong ethical values, high standards of quality, and a strong and able managerial team.

Growing on value mission

CMG Builders believes in delivering to the consumers maximum value in every project.

We plan all the stages carefully so that every customer gets a fair value and a complete deal. Our project team has experts exclusively from land acquisition to the final project completion. We honor time commitments. This guarantees maximum value appreciation. We pass on to our customers superior properties that look grand and earn like a luxury.

We are currently in a way to execute a string of large, architectural delighting, deluxe and luxurious residential apartments and commercial complexes.

Committed To Quality

We follow a strict policy to exercise the highest quality, not only in our projects but also in the services.

Powered by a vision

We are fast emerging as a real estate powerhouse with foot print in Hyderabad & Secunderabad. Our positive orientation towards the construction industry-It comes from our clear vision to emerge as a quality provider of good and affordable building solutions.

Technology Driven

We are confined to the latest construction technology-new materials, processes, and time saving concepts, superior techniques and workmanship standards. Every project of us employs the latest trends in construction technology and human resource management.

Viewing ahead

For the future, we have lined up a number of ambitious points on the agenda. All centered on the growing goodwill of our clients and customers. We believe every customer like you is a foundation stone in our success story. The more we built, the more their trust in us grows.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver world-class gated communities by embracing new technologies and applying new work concepts, build long-term relationships and become a brand synonymous with Trust, Integrity and Growth